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Conflict is a Major Issue in Othello - 1173 Words

Conflict is a major issue in Othello, the source for all the problems in the story all lead back to love and jealousy. Love can be an extremely powerful thing in life. It can easily draw two people closer together or simply destroy something that could have been great. Ironically similar, jealousy can tear something apart just as fast as love can. This timeless tragedy starts out in Venice, with a plot to attain revenge on Othello. Iago and Roderigo are simply jealous with the fact that Othello has promoted Cassio to his lieutenant instead of Iago, along with the bitterness they both shared towards Othello to begin with (Shakespeare for Students, Othello). Together, Iago and Roderigo have come up with a plan to ultimately push Othello†¦show more content†¦Although Othello had claimed he would need much more that just a few intuitions, little would he know that his ‘friends’ were playing tricks with his mind. Even worse is that is was working like a charm. Afte r a short time of Othello’s jealousy growing at a rapid rate, he demands proof of his wife’s lack of loyalty. Iago’s wife had retrieved Desdemona’s first gift from Othello ,which was a handkerchief, and claims that she had given it to Cassio. Othello has now really felt betrayed more than ever. He immediately gives Iago the task to take care of Cassio, meaning have him killed. One way or another Othello wanted Cassio dead, he could not bare the sight of him ever again. On the other side, Othello has already come up with the perfect plan to execute his own wife. In reality, Desdemona had simply dropped it and Iago’s wife took it to help with the next step in this intriguing strategy. Iago had set it in Cassio’s chamber, Cassio then gives it to his mistress Bianca. Later on Cassio and Iago are talking all about Bianca, little do they know Othello is eavesdropping around the corner. Little does Othello know, the woman the two men are ridiculing is not his so called dear wife, but Bianca. Now he is just infuriated worse than ever. Next Iago has tricked Roderigo into killing Cassio. Iago tells him that Othello is leaving rather soon and the only person that stands between him and Desdemona is dearShow MoreRelatedDifferences Between Film And Othello1503 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the years the play Othello by William Shakespeare has been adapted both on the screen and on stage many times. The questions or race and racism that have quite often been a point of discussion with William Shakespeare’s play Othello can be seen through the bard, however some may argue that Othello’s skin colour was purely a plot device. This paper will look at two film that have been re-made since the 1960’s, which provides an analysis of the concept of race and how political ideas andRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s All The World s A Stage 1540 Words   |  7 Pagesquality of Shakespeare’s tragedies in general and of Othello in particular is evidenced by the fact that central themes of the plot in all of them are important issues in the world today. The fact that his tragedies deal with timeless themes that are still important shows what a great writer Shakespeare was. Romeo and Juliet is a great example of a Shakespearean tragedy called romantic tragedy. There are several themes in the play that are still issues in society today. The play is about two familiesRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Othello And Othello Essay1282 Words   |  6 PagesOthello speaks to Iago in Act Three of the play saying, â€Å"certain, men should be what they seem† (3.3.131). This excerpt foreshadow events in which Othello will begin to question the actions and morality of Cassio and Desdemona, all orchestrated by Iago’s scheming nature. This is a very important concept to showcase because Othello devoutly loves Desdemona and trusts Cassio until conniving language from Iago causes him to think otherwise. Drawing on Shakespeare’s source story by Cinthio and otherRead MoreEssay on Social Origins of Othello643 Words   |  3 PagesShakespeare adapted Othello from Giraldi Cinthios Hecatommithi, but he altered the original story. The central point of Ci nthios story is that one should look for marriage partners from the same ethnic and cultural background, whereas Shakespeares play explores the relationship of the lovers, as well as the villains plans to destroy that relationship. The opening act of Othello takes place in Venice, but the primary setting is Cyprus. Venice is a city-state of enormous wealth and theRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Othello At The Globe Theater Essay1404 Words   |  6 Pagesof Othello at the Globe Theater. Othello, published in 1604, was performed at the Globe Theater in England, which provides a racially xenophobic cultural setting based on English class values as a basis for the play. Early 17th century England was an isolated island that interpreted privilege and class status on white racial perceptions that often demonized or subjugated people of the African race. The major source of xenophobia is directly related tor racial purity in the threat the Othello presentsRead MoreThe Dynamic Relationship Of Shakespeare s Play, Bargains With Fate : Psychological Crises And Conflicts1196 Words   |  5 Pagesof conflict and behavior in which Horney has analyzed, yet in so many other plays he’s written. In Bargains with Fate: P sychological Crises and Conflicts in Shakespeare and His Plays by Bernard J Paris he writes that most of Shakespeare’s characters in his plays revolve around Karen’s theory. Shakespeare’s plays are just an extension of his personality; Bernard writes the connection of the plays to Shakespeare’s character. He goes into more depth about Shakespeare’s usage of Horney in Othello. MyRead MoreOthello As A Shakespearean Play1697 Words   |  7 PagesOthello is a Shakespearean play that takes place in Venice, Italy. It centers on the tragedy of a Moor, recently named General of the Venetian army. Othello deals with many issues, first beginning with race. Othello goes through several other things ranging from jealousy to betrayal. Most importantly, he has to deal with love and loss thereof. There are several characters in the play Tragedy of Othello. First, there’s the main character Othello. He is generally identified by his ethnicity, beingRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare1133 Words   |  5 PagesThe Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, is a play written by William Shakespeare between 1601 and 1604 in England. Shakespeare is a legendary author, poet, and play writer. He has wrote many plays like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear Othello is about a black general by the name of Othello who is desperately in love with a young woman named Desdemona. They marry and attempt to build a life together, even though Othello is way older than she is, he’s black, and did not come fromRead MoreRacism In Othello1694 Words   |  7 PagesWhy Would You Think That? Without a doubt, Othello is one of Shakespeares most confrontational pieces of literature. The play has had a tremendous impact on literature for many years. It was written in a time where there was racial segregation, which many people cant believe that there was a successful black leader. Othello, is a very high ranking official in the Army (a powerful general) and is married to a young, white girl named Desdemona. Knowing when this play was written itsRead MoreOthello, a Story of Rejection, Prejudice, Envy, and Revenge1287 Words   |  6 PagesOthello, a Story of Rejection, Prejudice, Envy, and Revenge The play â€Å"Othello† moves around the story of a Moor who has just run away with the beautiful Desdemona and leaves Venice to command the Venetian armies against the Turks on the island of Cyprus. Othello is accompanied by his new wife and his lieutenant, Cassio. When they arrive, they find that the weather has destroyed the Turkish fleet. Iago, the evil antagonist, repeatedly tries to destroy Othello because he is upset Othello gave

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Latina Free Essays

The Myth of Latin Woman Throughout life people may be involved in racial abuse, especially if they are Latin women; discrimination by people that believe they are superior just because they have born in a different or best country. In â€Å"Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria† by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the writer tries to show part of her life and how people in different countries acts in the situation of having someone in front of them with a different culture or skin color, in this case Latin woman. In the essay, she had to fight with three situations of discrimination: (1) Stereotypes, (2) Culture Clash, and (3) media. We will write a custom essay sample on Latina or any similar topic only for you Order Now First of all, the term stereotype is used as a negative sense. Throughout the essay, Ortiz writes about the experiences she passed through her childhood, her experience as a Latina woman and the stereotypes that involved a Latin woman. In paragraph 2, she is upset about how her Hispanic appearance called forth from many people she met from different countries. Ortiz thinks that a Latin woman is seen as a sex object as a result of her way of dressing. She declares that her mother taught her how to do it. Our parents influence us in our way of dress. For example, if our parents are from an Indian region and they use Indian clothes, they are going to influence us to wear the same clothes. Also, she narrates about her experience on a bus trip when a white man started reciting the lines of â€Å"Maria† because she appeared to be Latino. Secondly, culture clash carries a big influence. She explains in her essay how hard it is growing up in a country with a totally different culture. Even, one day when she went to school to the Career Day, they had gone â€Å"dressed as if for a job interview. † She went dressed the way a Puerto Rican dresses. The way she dressed with too much jewelry made her a victim of mockery. Furthermore, some people who move to another country are victims of discrimination by people who believe that bringing their culture and traditions from another country is wrong, they think that if you move to a their country you need to adapt to their culture, and forget yours. These people not even think about mix cultures. Thirdly, the media plays a role not only in this essay, but in the real world too. The media have influenced the white people about Latina’s concept especially, those who see a TV series in which a Latina is inferior. In this case, she writes about her Chicana friend who worked at a major university. Even her incredulous doctor questions himself about how she knows â€Å"big words. † Regarding how the media sees Latina as inferior workers, Ortiz writes about her experience in Miami in one of her poetry events. When she was walking in, an old lady called her to her table to order for a cup of coffee. If Judith Ortiz Cofer was a white woman, it would not happen. In addition, the media nowadays influences everyone a lot about Latina women and their culture. In another way, she explains how people think about what jobs the Latina women can do, because white people believe that a Latina’s brown skin; white people think that they came from an inferior culture, a culture of servitude. For this reason, some people cannot believe when they see a Latina woman succeed in a country with their backward culture about Latinas. In conclusion, it is sad to see how people feel superior over others, chiefly because their skin color is different. It is also sad to see how others want to humiliate a Latina just because her culture is completely different to ours, or simply because they watch how the TV denigrates Latina women, regardless of their feelings. Ortiz focused her essay on how Latina women can be successful in this country regardless of stereotype, culture, or what the media says about them. How to cite Latina, Essay examples

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Male reproductive system review questions free essay sample

Spermatogenesis is the development of spermatozoa. It happens inside the testicles, specifically, in a round shaped structure of the testicles called seminiferous tubules (Sherwood., 2012). Once the spermatozoids are produced, they are transported to the center point of the tubule with a specific end goal to be transported to the epididymis, where the spermatozoa progression process will go to its last stage (Sherwood., 2012). Spermatozoids are male gametes, male sex, reproductive cells (Sherwood. , 2012). They are haploids meaning they contain half the DNA (Sherwood., 2012). When the spermatogenesis, takes place the 46 chromosome somatic cells are able to change into 23 chromosomes sexual cells (Sherwood., 2012).a) Name of the first stage: Proliferative phaseNotes on key processes:Otherwise called the spermatogenic stage. Sort A spermatogonia are shaped from a germ mother cell that will divide mitotically to produce the sort B spermatogonia (Sherwood. , 2012). When men get to puberty, these cells will divide several times to produce a spermatocyte cell (Sherwood. We will write a custom essay sample on Male reproductive system review questions or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page , 2012). While the splits are underway some cell changes occur (Sherwood., 2012). This stage is known as proliferative stage due to the sheer amount of mitosis that takes place (Sherwood., 2012). The fundamental objective is to create however many spermatozoa precursor cells as possible, creating a high volume of spermatozoa (Sherwood., 2012).a) Name of the second stage: Meiotic phaseNotes on key processes:The meiotic phase is also known as spermatocytogenesis. Within this stage, an alternate cell division happens (Sherwood., 2012). Such division is the meiosis, which splits the genetic information into the half, creating haploid cells called spermatids. Meiosis can be split into two sub-stages (Sherwood. , 2012). Meiosis I is where primary spermatocytes split into two secondary spermatocytes (Sherwood., 2012). Meiosis II is where every secondary spermatocyte splits into two spermatids, creating four spermatids (haploid) are getting from the first primary spermatocytes (diploid) (Sherwood., 2012). These cells are progressively starting to take after spermatozoa, they even have a little flagellum (Sherwood., 2012). b) Name of the third stage: spermatogenesis (Oliveira and Alves, 2015).Notes on key processes:Spermatogenesis is the last phase of the spermatozoa development process. The maturation of spermatids happens at this stage (Sherwood., 2012). The flagellum increases in size, offering rise to the flagellum that will permit its progression (Sherwood., 2012).On the other hand, the head containing the nucleus of the spermatozoa decreases in size and paddle-shaped, a component that happens due to the cytoplasm reduction, the nucleus enlarging and the acrosome creation (Sherwood. , 2012). When spermiogenesis completes, spermatids are completely formed into spermatozoa and are discharged into the seminiferous tubule (Sherwood., 2012).

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Thirteen Days A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis free essay sample

An analysis of Robert Kennedys book describing his account of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This paper begins with a summary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The basic plot and the main characters detailed in the book are then identified and the decision-making process is analyzed. A background of the author and origins of the book are provided. A critical analysis of the book follows. Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis published in 1969, is Robert Kennedys account of the major symbol (the Cuban missile crisis) of cold war confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the year 1962, after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the USSR increased its support of Fidel Castros Cuban regime. In the summer of the same year, Nikita Khrushchev, who was heading the Soviet Union, secretly decided to install ballistic missiles in Cuba. In October, the U.S. reconnaissance flights revealed the clandestine construction of missile launching sites, [U-2 had just finished a photographic mission (Kennedy: 1971, 19)] Which led to President Kennedy publicly denouncing the Soviet actions. We will write a custom essay sample on Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He imposed a naval blockade on Cuba and declared that any missile launched from Cuba would warrant a full-scale retaliatory attack by the United States against the Soviet Union. On October 24, Russian ships carrying missiles to Cuba turned back. On October 28 Khrushchev agreed to withdraw the missiles and dismantle the missile sites. Consequently, the United States ended its blockade on November 20, and by the end of the year the missiles and bombers were altogether removed from Cuba.

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Infanticide in Nonhuman Primates essays

Infanticide in Nonhuman Primates essays The goal of this paper is to examine the question, why does infanticide occur in nonhuman primates? It will look at possible explanations such as the sexual selection hypothesis, the social pathology hypothesis, and other alternative reasons behind infanticide. Cases of observed infanticide will be explored and then given possible reasons for why the infant in each particular case was killed. One of the mysteries in the world of primates is infanticide. Some of the questions pertaining to infanticide are how does it occur, under what circumstances does it occur, and why does it occur? This paper examines different explanations of infanticide by nonhuman primates and possible answers to those questions. The sexual selection hypothesis is used as the primary explanation of infanticide but alternative explanations and hypotheses, such as the social pathology hypothesis and the resource competition hypothesis, will also be taken into account. One reason for infanticide can be explained through the social pathology hypothesis. (Boggess, Curtin, and Dolhinow as cited by Bartlett, Sussman, and Cheverud 1993) Research done by Phyllis Jay in 1958 at field sites in Orcha and Kaukori concluded that Hanuman langur (Semnopithecus entellus) life was very peaceful. On the contrary, in the early 1960s a Primatologist named Sugiyama, observed a high number of adult male langurs treating infants violently at a site in Dharwar. At Sugiyamas site social change occurred frequently and disturbed the lives of langurs and other species in the area. Sugiyama noted that when a new male took over a troop, the death of an infant would follow. (Sugiyama as cited by Rees 2001) The death of the infants at Dharwar and other sites in India, according to the social pathology hypothesis, were the result of a growing population of people and a declining territory of land in which the langurs lived in. (Boggess, Curtin, and Dulhinow a...

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Class and race and civil war in france Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Class and race and civil war in france - Essay Example During the riot, there was a large population of whites and blacks. The whites had their own say on how things were to be done and also how people around them would live. Chances for blacks getting a job would be extremely limited, considering their skin color and their social status. The riots came at a time when the whites were the majority, and they had superior control of the financial state. It was a time when the credentials on the CV did not matter. Once a name was seen to be foreign, then it deemed the chances of the said person getting a job. The rioters destroyed and damaged places that symbolized their suffering. There was so much racism that there came to be certain cakes sold in the streets that bared the name negro-head. The rioters protested against the suffering that they encountered from the landlords, were in favor of white tenants and the rest would be sent off. From the BBC world news, the blacks were also discriminated because of their language which was termed a s poor English. There was so much hatred in that the television shows only showed whites acting. The BBC described these events as cruel, in that there could not be a single black person on television (Civil War in France, 178). The news source described the discrimination that was in France in a way that seemed that what was being done was wrong. In the events that brought about the riots, the minority communities could be seen doing the manual labor that was meant for them. The riot brought to light how the minority communities did all the cleaning, driving, pushing and serving the communities that considered themselves popular. The BBC world news also brought to light the lack of representation of the minority communities regardless of the situation. Though the riots were not rightfully justified and the damage done was not the solution, BBC world news brought to light the fact that what was happening in France was not only wrong, but immoral, unjustifiable, mean and a lack of re spect for humanity. The ethnic minorities were not represented when it came to political functions. This can be seen from the BBC world news report about an incident that involved a meeting by certain representatives that were concerned about the sudden unrest before the riots. The BBC world news stated that during and after the emergency meeting, there was no single black person in the committee that was to oversee the issue of unrest. Even the trade unions were no better. They showed the same social discrimination and difference in class and race. African and Asian communities resided in places that were dreary and not fit. They lived in isolated places and during the riots it could be seen that the police did not stop the rioters from destroying their own homes, but for the homes of those living in the urban states, they were protected (Civil War in France, 189). The civil war in France shed some light on the notion of proletariat revolution in that it was a political revolution whereby there was an attempt to overthrow some of the individuals who attained powers in the political, social and economic arena. It was an attempt whereby the working class individuals wanted to overthrow the bourgeoisie, a name given to those in power. Socialists advocated for the revolutions, and they were backed by communists and anarchists. An excerpt that shows this from the civil

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Moral Dilemma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Moral Dilemma - Assignment Example However, I may decide to keep quite as well since the money was for a good cause. Moral dilemma is when an individual is in a situation where their values and beliefs are tested. In addition, it is the act of not knowing what to do in a conflict between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing the actions. It becomes difficult, as an individual is required to choose one action, as one cannot perform all the actions. In addition, someone must suffer no matter what decision an individual makes. According to the scholars, moral dilemma is a situation in which an individual faces a conflict between doing the right thing and the quality of work produced. In many cases, these dilemmas involve a morally wrong decision whose results are desirable, or vice versa. Sometimes, an individual may be forced to make a decision between two good things. Ethical dilemma is part of a philosophy that deals with right and wrong. These are rules and regulations accepted and recognized by a certain group or culture. On the other hand, rule of law is the set of enforced rules that govern a society. They are created through legislation or by judges’ opinions. The rules define people’s rights and obligations and the disciplinary measures to be taken when an individual violates the rules (Daft, 2013). I once read this article about a company that dealt with beauty products in the new times magazine. Miller and Klaus is one of the companies that manufacture, and distribute beauty products. For many years, the company has been successful in ensuring that customer’s needs are met. Phyllis an employee, who did research on the beauty products, noticed that the company did not disclose some of the vital information in the chemical composition of a certain shampoo that would be harmful to people whose skin reacts on PH value less than 5 value of an acidic solution. After some customers were hospitalized due to the usage of the shampoo, Phyllis